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New to the blog is my weekly post about something I love. One of my favorite part about social media and the internet is finding products I might never have found shopping in a mall or boutique. Where better to share these amazing finds than right here at Style in the Kitchen!

I came across Mantra Bands about 5 years ago and since then they've become a daily accessory and uplifting reminder. I deeply believe in the power of words to motivate us, nourish our souls and minds and carry us through difficult times.

So what is a mantra band? It's a simple, open back bangle bracelet with a word or motto (mantra) stamped in the metal. They come in gold, rose gold and silver and some now come in an Aurora metal, think unicorn colors, or moon grey or matte black. These bands are lightweight, simple, elegant, and will fit into a variety of personal styles.

My very first band was a mantra I repeat to myself almost daily, "You are enough". And I am. But there is something about wearing the reminder everyday that bolsters you from the inside. Sometimes you just wake up not at 100% and you need a reminder that you are capable and strong. Somedays life feels heavy and reading the words, "tomorrow will come" help you get through. Or maybe, it's a great day, and the reminder to "be here" helps you stay focused on all the good you've been given.

I guarantee you're going to find one that is perfect for you. Here are few of my favorites:

Whichever you choose, remember words have power. Let these bands serve as motivation and daily reminders to value yourself, bolster your self esteem and create peace during stressful times. I find strength in reaching down and tracing the words with my fingers through out the day.

love to give these as gifts for my friends during difficult times or as a little inspiration to let them know I’m thinking of them when they are struggling or when they are succeeding and crushing their goals. Celebrate all the amazing things life gives us, both the good and bad. The packaging is simple but always has a beautiful message to go with whatever mantra you choose.

These range in price from $25-$35 depending on finish and they always have a great sale section. They also now offer larger statement bangles, necklaces and rings, and a great rewards program. I promise you’ll find something you’ll love!

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