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My Top 5 Winter Cocktails

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Let's talk cocktails, shall we? Relaxing at the end of the day with a drink on the couch with your love, inviting some girls over for a sip and some girl talk, sinking into a deep bubble bath with a glass and a book... these thing bring me joy. Mostly it's about slowing down and taking a moment for yourself, and whatever that looks like, I think a well-made cocktail can enhance that experience.

These are my top 5 cold weather cocktails. My absolute favorite may be the Saint Aviation but ask me tomorrow and I might change my mind.

Saint Aviation

Gin + St.Germain = Perfection

Spiced Kentucky Mule

I'm not a bourbon drinker normally but even I have to have a sip or two of this one. Citrusy and strong, I love it!

A Long Day

It's a stiff drink for the days when you need one. Vodka forward with tart lemon, earthy honey and floral elderflower.

Spiced Pear Champagne Cocktail

Yummy honey and cinnamon syrup and sweet pear combine with Champagne to create the perfect any day celebration.

Blackberry Moonshine Sangria

This one will sneak up on you so be careful! LOL A great sangria for a party or to keep in your fridge for all week. The cinnamon moonshine adds warmth while the blackberry keeps it sweet, enjoy over ice or let sit at room temperature, its fantastic either way!

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