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My Very First Mom 2.0 Summit

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I'm heading to Austin today for my very first Mom 2.0 Summit. And I'm scared to death. It's one thing to feel led somewhere, it's another thing altogether to jump in feet first. I don't know a single person. I don't know where this blogging journey is going to go. I don't know if I have what it takes. But I want to learn. I want to write and inspire and help other women find themselves through my journey. I want to continually keep finding myself. And changing. And growing. And rediscovering who I'm meant to be, whatever that means? LOL

But of course there has to be snafus right? Because, life, ya' know. So my original flight was cancelled with plenty of notice. No biggie. Bad weather, rescheduled, easy-peasy. But of course now instead of a direct flight I have a connecting. Again, trying to roll with it. Thunderstorms in Texas are temperamental. My flight this morning is delayed. I mean we sort of boarded on time but we didn't take off until 9:10 am and we we're slated to take off at 8:30 am. And of course due to the weather were flying over Louisiana instead of the direct shot from Dallas to Houston. Grrrrr. Still trying to remain positive though.

We landed at 10:27 am. My connecting flight was at 10:40 am. I did everything within my power to make that connecting flight. I had the gate call the other gate and let them know I was on my way because of course I landed at one end of the airport but was taking off from the other end. I then proceeded to sprint. I DON'T RUN. EVER. (Okay there was that one time I thought I could run half marathons, but that's another story for another time.) I definitely don't sprint. But I did. And my ass glided up to that gate at 10:42 am and they had closed the door! 2 MINUTES!!! Seriously. Why? You knew I was coming, you'd been warned. You couldn't have waited 1 more minute? Every single flight is delayed or running late today, the weather is crap all over the country right now. Everything should run on theatre time. 5 minutes of grace, that was all I needed.

But no. I was booked on a 4 pm flight but managed to grab a slot on a 2 pm flight on standby... my luck had to change at some point right? Woohoo! I sat between an insanely large man, like linebacker large, and a man with a giant chaw of tobacco in his mouth, so he was spitting the whole flight. That's fun. LOL It was like reliving my high school days.

I land (yay!) and go to baggage claim and you realize by now that of course I had no baggage to claim. Why would I? Southwest had no idea what flight I was on. So supposedly I'll have it before the end of the day, fingers crossed. Because y'all!!! I. HAVE. NOTHING. No face wash or pjs or chargers or make-up or clothes to wear tomorrow. So I'll wait until 9 pm and if I don't have my bags by then I'll be hittin a Target like it's my job!

It's storming like crazy in Austin and my friends I'm just. so. done. I'm finally at the hotel, in my room, with a cocktail, watching some Insta Stories and taking a very deep breath. I'm ready to learn and fill up my heart and my soul with all the motivation and lessons on how to better engage with YOU and get all things I want out of this blogging thing. I want so much from the next few days and am seriously bummed about missing Day 1 sessions but nothing can be done about that now and I will sleep off my disappointment. After I change my outfit. Wait luggage. Never mind, after I find queso...

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