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Redefining Resolutions

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

January is finally coming to an end. Is it just me or does January always feel like it drags on forever? I love what January represents; new beginnings, fresh starts, time to refocus on what's important. But sometimes hefty goals and resolutions can feel like a recipe for failure instead of success.

So this year I tried something new. I spent the month journaling and writing down dreams. Really trying to pinpoint some smaller goals that I felt like were achievable. It's okay to admit you just need a win sometimes. I'm great at picking the big things: lose 50 pounds, reorganize my entire house, choose a new calling, find a new career, etc, etc, etc. And I'm REALLY great at falling flat on my face.

We all know if you want to succeed at something you have to have a plan. As organized as I am, as much as I love a good list, when it comes to personal growth, I'm lost. But I knew if I attacked this in the same way I attack party planning or redecorating a room, I could handle it. I started with some lists:

Daily Goals


Make my Bed

Put away clothes at the end of the day

Drink 100oz of water

Write for at least 30 minutes

Reset Kitchen

Recite affirmations in mirror

Weekly Goals

Reset closet

Clean make-up brushes

Move my body 4-5 days per week

Dedicate 2 hours to content brainstorming

Dedicate 2 hours to content planning

Menu Plan

Meal Prep

Have breakfast, lunch or coffee with a friend


Monthly Goals

Schedule 3-5 times per month for content creation

Schedule time for recipe research and creation

Schedule time for recipe testing

Prep vegetable garden for planting

Prep flower bed for spring planting

Reorganize gift wrapping/set up wrapping station

Write new affirmations for the next month

2 Family Days

1 Date Night

1 Day alone

Eat less sugar (maybe a detox)

Yearly Goals

Lose 20 pounds

Paint ceilings in our house

Clean out storage unit/empty and close unit

Put ceiling storage in garage

Redecorate breakfast area in Family room

Repaint bedroom

Paint cabinets in upstairs bathrooms

Join local DAR chapter & get involved

Focus on giving myself more grace

You'll notice some of these are seasonal and some are kind of boring. Some pertain to my blog and my Instagram, some to my home, some to my family or personal growth. The big thing they all have in common is the plan that backs them up. This month I started flossing, resetting my closet, cleaning my make-up brushes and planning my content in advance. Because I was focusing on content creation a few other things fell into place: recipe creation and testing, and menu planning.

I worked on that big yearly goal of giving myself more grace. I started the year with a pinched sciatic nerve which forced me to table my goal of moving more for the first few weeks of the month. It wasn't easy. While everyone was diving into new workout routines and posting non-stop to social media to keep themselves accountable I was mentally beating myself up for not. But I can't change it, I can only accept it and move forward. I rested and healed and started a new workout routine toward the end of the month.

I also made a weekly and monthly cleaning and reset spreadsheet for my home and will be sharing that as I test it and rework it for what works best for my family.

I can officially say I'm a daily flosser now, it isn't happening at night but it's happening and that's what's important, right? I started each new week of the month with a clean closet, which felt amazing on Monday mornings. And I started each week with clean make-up brushes, and my face sent up a quiet thank you to baby Jesus. I focused my creative energy toward writing and content creation and that just felt damn good. I have plans for this little blogging adventure and seeing them chugging along brings a smile to my face.

These are not final lists. They will grow. They will change...As I grow and I change. I believe in accountability so I'll keep everyone posted throughout the year. And I want you to do the same.

If you set some giant lofty goals on New Years Day and they've already fallen to to the wayside, now is the time to give yourself a little grace. Maybe try some smaller goals that you can achieve quickly and bolster your self esteem. Maybe refocus on small stepping stones that lead to that bigger goal but will keep you motivated along the journey. OR maybe, you are trucking along beautifully on all of your resolutions. Way to go you! Either way I'd like to hear about it. Send me a message or leave me a comment. I'd love to hear about your goals or answer any questions, we are 100% in this together.

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