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Spring is in the Air

The Spring collections from Chloe + Isabel are filled with florals and color and eye-catching textures. This season the team is trying something new with the release of smaller Travel Guides. These are smaller collections, released more often, focusing on the architecture, culture and design of once-in-a-lifetime travel destinations. And first up? Lisbon. And all of the jewelry is just as stunning as the coastal, hillside Capital of Portugal. All of the designs were inspired by the sunny, pastel buildings lining the streets, gorgeous hand painted tiles, and and the shapes of the organic palms stretching across the cities beaches. My favorite is by far PALMA. Available in both shiny gold plate and shiny silver plate, this collection is simple to wear, yet big on style.

Seriously I love this collection so very much and it combines beautifully with our Toujours Collection! All of the pieces in both collections coordinate as if they were made for each other!

Combine Palma and Toujours for an effortlessly chic accessory combo.

But maybe you're on the hunt for a little springtime color? Then Mosaico is perfect for you! Light up your look with a dimensional design filled with harmonizing hues of warm + cool tones! Rich in Lisbon culture + style, the Mosaico Collection moves whimsically with worn gold plating + a rainbow of crystals. There's no doubt about it, this look is made for cheery days + sunny rays!

What ever you're looking for this Spring, I'm positive Chloe + Isabel has the perfect accent for all your sun-worthy outfits. Interested in hosting an online party or an in-home pop-up? I'd love to help you and your girlfriends deck yourself out for any upcoming events and all of your everyday style needs.

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